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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What is a Brazilian/Boyzilian Wax?

A: This is the whole hoochicoochi. This is the removal of hair down there. (Anywhere from completely bare to a small strip of hair)


Q: How long should I grow my hair out?

A: If you have been Shaving about 9 days of growth will do it.


Q: How long is too long for hair to be when getting a Brazilian?

A: Don't  worry about this we will trim if necessary. If you trim you might trim to short making it more difficult to come out.


Q: What is the pain factor for a Brazilian (does it hurt)?

A: It really depends on your pain threshold, the type of wax we use....we could actually go over the same spot  multiple times if we wanted to because this wax does not stick to skin .....it will never effect your skin .... This wax ....shrink wraps ....around the hairs grabbing only the hair leaving little to  no irritation.


Q: When should I come back for my next Brazilian?

A: At least 3-5 weeks, if you keep up on the maintenance the hair comes out easier and it’s less painful. The Studio does offer PACKAGE DEALS!


Q: Should I be aware of what to do or not to do after a Brazilian?

A: Not  all body's and skin types are the same. There should be little to no irritation. Once in a while we will have a client who has experienced some bumps after getting a first time wax.  This is caused from ....."waking up the hair follicles".....We have a product called "GET THE BUMP OUTA HERE" this product is great for any bumps or ingrown hairs.


Q:Times to avoid getting a Brazilian?

A: Before your monthly cycle is not the best time since the whole body is sensitive. The best time if you can work it out is right after your monthly cycle up to 7 days before, also caffeine is a stimulant as well so if it’s fresh in your system it can add to the ouch factor, We have a product called....."NO SCREEM CREAM" for those of you who have a very low pain tolerance..... This product will numb the area.


Q: How long does it take to have a Brazilian done?
A: Here at HoochiCoochi Wax Studio we only hire very experienced licensed Estheticians who have been waxing for quite a while - it takes anywhere from 10 -20 minutes depending on your hair and how much there is to wax and the coarseness. We allow 30 minutes for all Brazilians just so you don’t feel rushed.