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Why are We the Best?

Brazilian Wax Studio

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We specialize in full body waxing for men and women with our true specialty being the more risqué, yet very alluring Brazilian wax, better known around here as “The Whole Hoochi-Coochi”.

Our mission is to provide excellent service in an immaculate relaxing atmosphere assuring every guest an enjoyable experience. HoochiCoochi® Wax Studio follows the strictest rules of hygiene.  We do not double dip. All materials are disposed of after every use so we never re-use or re-cycle. We use only the best European Blue Hard Wax which makes our waxing virtually painless.

We are fully licensed and constantly learning the latest and best techniques available to ensure our guest experience is the best you can find anywhere.

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The Mind Behind the Wax

Meet Judy Kratz

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Judy Kratz, Owner, Hoochicoochi® Wax StudioJudy Kratz is the creator of HoochiCoochi® Wax Studio. Her love of waxing began during her 10 years as salon co-owner of Sister Act of the Palm Beaches. She has 25 years of body waxing experience and knows how to make unwanted hair disappear magically and almost painlessly.

Judy is a master Esthetician and has taken her training to the next level spending hundreds of hours refining her skills and knowledge on skin care and hair removal.

Choosing a ...

"Master Esthetician" ...

to become your body waxer may eliminate your chances of receiving a bad wax experience.